Hi, I'm Karl!

I am a software developer and a sophomore studying Computer Science at the Rochester Insitute of Technology. I like talking about startups, entrepreneurship and new emerging technologies.

I am no longer looking for internship opportunities; I am headed to Microsoft this summer as a Software Engineering Intern.


Startup Validator (startupvalidator.net)

Find out if your company's name is available on the web!

Internfeed (internfeed.herokuapp.com)

Crowdsourced internship reviews.

Safenote (safenote.coelho.xyz)

A fast and secure way to store notes online.

Sinatra Boilerplate (github.com/karlcoelho/sinatra-boilerplate)

A boilerplate code starter kit for building Sinatra apps. (70+ stars on Github)

All my other projects are on my Github.