Hi, I'm Karl!

I am a software developer and a junior studying Computer Science at the Rochester Insitute of Technology. I like talking about startups, entrepreneurship and new emerging technologies.

I am no longer seeking internships for 2019. I am headed to Tesla for an applications engineering internship in January 2019.


Startup Validator (startupvalidator.net)

Find out if your company's name is available on the web!

Internfeed (internfeed.herokuapp.com)

Crowdsourced internship reviews.

Safenote (safenote.herokuapp.com)

A fast and secure way to store notes online.

Sinatra Boilerplate (github.com/karlcoelho/sinatra-boilerplate)

A boilerplate code starter kit for building Sinatra apps. (70+ stars on Github)

All my other projects are on my Github.